Monday, 9 March 2015

Fox - Shiddleywiddleyskangdangdiddleywoi EP

Fox - Katie Cooper Photography

Fox's 'Shiddleywiddleyskangdangdiddleywoi' EP is out now on Estate!

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It's a wicked set showcasing Fox's versatility as an artist, backed by 'Mr Monkey Teef' Chimpo on the buttons. Many forms, styles and subjects are devoured... Highly recommended listening!

Emotive crooning x street tales combine on opening and closing tracks 'Trouble' and 'Story Never Changes'. The OG executes his lyrical dexterity on 'War' - bad tune!  Fallacy steps up on fine form for junglist leaning club damager 'Animal Kingdom'. There's a talkbox funk slow jam in an ode to that dutch lager on 'Heineken High' and if we're drinking there must be some time to savour some musical fruits on 'Soul Food'. 

See you at the launch party on Saturday March 21st

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