Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Friday 17th Dec 2010@Charlie's


Get in the mood with the OCTOBER HARVEST DANCE TAPEPACK DOWNLOAD featuring dope recordings from Konny Kon, Kelvin Brown, Platt Dj + Deejay Samrai with MC's Fox + Diamond.

Weighty few years. Hang tight those who reached the first party
back on 18th December 2008 @scubar.

clubs / parties + radio / mixes / promotion + production.

It's been a lot so far...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Gibbo in the building!

Hotmilk Friday 10th December: Guiding Star Hi-Fi featuring Gibbo of Manchester's finest pirate Irie Irie; lock into Fire Jugglin' 105.8 fm Saturday 12-2pm - a wicked source for the freshest reggae / dancehall.

To get you in the mood check Joey B's Bashment Splurtape including Exit 21 / One Day / Cosa Nostra riddims and some heavy Daseca productions.

Watch for the Country Culture special that was the killer blow for Bobby Irish vs King Spinna@Mikey Don's Oct soundclash! Some soundboy gwan like vulture...

Bashment splurt nov 2010 by joey-b-hotmilk

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mr Brown Throwdownload

Final Soundtape recorded live@the Swing Ting Harvest Dance features Kelvin Brown alongside Mr Fox and Diamond throwing down a weighty selection of classic-upfront Hip Hop / Garage / Dancehall / Soul + everything in between. Bad.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Soundtapes Swing Ting Session 22.10.10

Massive shouts to all who reached and shocked out at the Swing Ting Harvest Dance at Charlie's..vibes galore!
Special request to Tika Dan for the dope early-doors selection, Konny Kon for the set of badboy soul (see below), Platt Dj for nuff nextisms and Kelvin Brown for the finest early hours flavours - salute!
Big up Mr Fox for hosting/mcing/singjaying with such dexterity and versatility. Hold tight Diamond for passing through and kindly filling in the gaps

Soundtapes from the night up for download:

Konny Kon ft. The Original Mr Fox live @ Swing Ting 22/10/10
Konny said to put a disclaimer up about his mixing although it did the job fine - i'd call it rough, ready and heavy - some heartbreaker pieces / personals got bust - one drop reggae, hip hop, r'n'b, street soul, boogie, tough house, garage + more...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Harvest Dance

Swing ting returns on 22nd October 2010 featuring Kelvin Brown of Eyes Down / Electric Chair fame, Konny Kon of Broke'n'english / Skull Snap records + introducing selector Tika Dan of Clarendon on the Weighty Neuron Pro Audio sound. Hosted by The Orignal Mr Fox and Kwasi Asante.

Deejay Samrai presents...Ruff harvest House'n'G tape Oct 2010 by Samrai
To give you a taste of what to expect i've put together a quick-fire tape of House'n'G from smooth vocal licks to rudeboy riders.. partially based around a set that opened for Wookie last month at Contort Yourself vs Murkage; this mix includes the missing slack-ragga grime rinse I didn't get time to execute - hold on as it goes in hard!! Big up to all who've been showing mad love and support. More music to come. peace

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Flavours for all Ravers

Dancehall // Hip Hop // Jungle // Grime + Jams in the mix > Summertime + Carnival-inspired > download and enjoy

Deejay samrai presents...hip lovers jungle jamdown 08/10 by Samrai

Thursday, 8 April 2010

HOTMILK - Manchester's Baddest Bashment?

Since relocating to the North-West in '06 HOTMILK's monthly session has consistently remained a must-reach dance in my diary. I hold my hand up to taking a schooling in Reggae and Dancehall from selectors/soundboys Joey B, Irish Mash and the Riddim Master (now reppin Freshneck down South). Shouts to Jean-Luc and Big Man Sam K working hard keeping the vibes right over the years.

Strictly quality control Rocksteady/Roots/Lovers/Dancehall/Ragga/Bashment/Up-to-the-time and beyond (Grime/Dirty South/Bassline) keep the dance bubbling till the early hours, however, unlike many other events the resident sound's untouchable selection are the attraction - accessible yet extensive knowledge and coverage of Jamaican styles, educating yet entertaining - deepest dubwise to rowdiest bashment! Irish Mash aka Eoin Macmanus' amazingly eye-catching flyer designs(see below) add another level to the brand balancing humour, colour and a keen eye for relevant images; (i've got an old one featuring Shabba Ranks riding a stick-horse) making him in-demand for more than just his selecting.

Bigtime vocalists and guest DJ's from local to international have passed through the club including Warrior Queen, Tippa Irie, Deadly Dragon, the Heatwave, Toddla T and Tappa Benz but some of the best sessions are arguably when Guiding Star Hi-Fi handle the controls alone jugglin' Jamaican tune old to new all night long alongside local MC's/Hosts who can jump on a big riddim when the dance is at it's liveliest.

This month's session Friday April 9th (make note every 2nd Friday@the Roadhouse, Newton Street, Mcr) features Guiding Star drawing nuff of the roughest, toughest 80's Digikal, 90's dancehall + up-to-the-time check Mash's weighty soundtape for a taste of what to expect. On the night the original Mr Fox shall be holdin down the microphone h.o.t. from the recent collab ep with Zed Bias and Mj Cole...

It was a pleasure to invite Hotmilk crew Joey B and Irish Mash guest on our Swing Ting Sessions radio show last March '09 for a little friendly fire - Nuff jokes in the studio and many peoples locked-in live! I've uploaded a segment from the archive I'm particularly fond of here ft. Punanny, Peanie Peanie + More.

+ highly recommended is the Roots / Revives session at Dulcimer, Chorlton every 3rd Saturday of the month (pictured 1st).

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

rhythm and gangsta mixtape

1. Jammer - Feedback
2. Wiley - Fly Boy
3. Blackjack - Trust
4. D Double E - Grime Freestyle
5. Benny Ill vs DJ Dinesh - New York
6. Rossi B + Luca feat. Lightning, Nasty Jack + Stormin - In tha Place
7. Unknown - Badboy
8. Wizzbit feat. MC Riko - Popadoms [Gangster]
9. Menta - Jacknife
10. Kano - Ice Rink Version
11. Mr V - Hypnotiq
12. Blackjack feat. Hyper, Nasty Jack + Nolay - Straight Off the Block
13. Youngstar - Dungeon
14. Dizzee Rascal feat. D Double E - Give U More
15. Mark One - Star Trek
16. Aftershock feat. Shola Ama - With U