Monday, 19 May 2014


Extended Swing Ting family member Samename drops his highly anticipated and amazing debut ep on Pelican Fly Records today.

Crammed full of playful melodies, meditational ambience, Japanese instrumentation and rudeboy menace, it's harmonious, uplifting and powerful nodding to the East, yet remaining uniquely UK in its execution.

Opener 'Sakura' is a monumental number; cinematic strings and soothing flutes combine to devastating effect and rolling at 130 bpm it's a DJ's weapon, currently a big favourite of Dr Tropical aka Murlo. 

Next up 'Nuriko' is all out swaggerific, stripped, deadly grimy mayhem straight for the floor. 

'Shingami' ups the pace to 155bpm for a bold, percussive stomper signalling towards footwork and even junglist/ardcore styles in the second half, ravers beware! 

Closer 'Gishiki' rounds things off in style beginning with unsettling pulses before making way for a quivering, snaking beeline, glass smashes and Jersey kick patterns to awesome effect. 

Buy it here.

Grab 3 free downloads here, here and here.

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