Monday, 26 November 2012

4th Birthday Bashment ft Mista Men & Beneath

Shouts to anyone who's attended a dance, listened to a mix or bought our music this year

 Tall up all our guests from 2012; Helz, Slackk, Murlo, Mikey D.O.N, Marcus Nasty, Wifey Crew (Ralph LTF & Robn), Chimpo, Jon K, Brackles, Martelo, Okzharp, Joey B aka Dirty Sprite, The Original Mr Fox and...the big, bad Beneath who makes his second appearance of the year featuring at our 4th Birthday Bashment alongside Yorkshire dons Mista Men for what promises to be a party to remember...

* tip * Beneath's doublepack on Keysound has just dropped on digi with vinyl coming later this week

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