Monday, 8 August 2011

STRATS Free Pre-Season Training Mixtape!

Strategy of Broke'n'£nglish drops a warm-up mixtape whetting appetites in preparation for the full long player soon to follow. Made in just two weeks at their new studio space in Salford it's great to see Umbro funding put to such immediate use.

pre-season training 2011

Strats comes in hard and hungry on the title cut before sharing a personal narrative of youthful days coming to terms with a 'LifeontheCostadelSalford'. On 'Sickadanu' featuring a humorously pitched-down patois hook Strats skillfully switches between a Jamaican / Manc flow warning Mc's to step down, however, it's on the Dub Phizik's produced 'Bleep Test' where he technically murders all the wannabe MC's out there; few can sound comfortable moving from 95 to 170bpm in just 2 minutes!

'Lengbreak' and 'Quitter' deal with the high-price of herb leading to the decision to get serious, stop smoking and 'get yourself in gear'; youths listen up as it seems to be doing the trick
when the whole squad roll through sounding focussed on the chilling Chimpo produced 'Referendum', a perfect backdrop for Konny Kon (a problem), DRS (a nuisance) and Strats (a pest) to flex a their style, swagga and bravado.

However, it's the honesty and soulfulness of 'Kill Em' and 'Biblical Times' that truly stand out as poignant, moving and enlightening pieces; dealing with misery, disappointment, choices, stress, Semtex and a failed deal with Def Jam yet it's these problems seem to have made Strats stronger, wiser and frighteningly determined. Looks like it's going to be an exciting season to come...

Don't just take my word for it. Download Pre-Season Training for FREE

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